Cold Pursuit

Cold Pursuit is not your typical Liam Neeson movie. It does however have a similar plot as one. Neeson plays Nels Coxman, a snowplow driver who had just won citizen of the year for his city. His life is relatively simple and quiet until his son unexpectedly dies. His son’s death sends him on a path of revenge against a drug lord named Viking. Coxman’s quest causes some unforeseen consequences such as kidnapping and fueling a turf war.

Once the credits began scrolling I was surprised by how the film felt a bit indy and from a film festival. To me this is because it was a bit different and kinda weird. Cold Pursuit wouldn’t be as enjoyable to watch if it didn’t have it’s whacky elements such as character names like Avalanche and Windex or cuts to a black screen and the names of everyone who died in the previous scene.

I enjoyed watching this movie because it balanced between dark comedy and a serious tone with a bit of Tarantino mixed in. I would say Cold Pursuit is worth the trip to see in theaters for fans of Liam Neeson or dark comedy.

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