The Upside

The Upside is a pleasing drama/comedy about the friendship between 2 unlikely individuals adapted from the movie The Intouchables. Kevin Hart(Dell), a parolee, is searching for a job to meet his terms of parole. He’s given a list of places to apply which eventually bring him to Bryan Cranston(Phillip), a quadriplegic, in search of a new caretaker. At first the relationship starts a bit rocky, since Dell isn’t qualified to be a caretaker, but once he learns how to perform his job the bond between Dell and Phillip forms. Dell helps bring a new hope and joy back to Phillip by doing things a caretaker would not do, such as driving around in luxury cars instead of the van. Phillip helps Dell get on a better path in his life by inspiring him to try new things and even think about starting his own business.

Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston have excellent on screen chemistry working well as a duo. They both do a great job throughout the film balancing comedy and drama. Bryan Cranston shows why he is an award winning actor considering he is stuck in a wheelchair only able to move from above the neck. Kevin Hart is not over the top funny which he is known for.

The Upside is a must see. I found myself laughing nearly the whole time, and it left me with a feeling of delight. The comedy was well placed and didn’t take away from the dramatic elements of the movie.

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